Landlord inspection checklist

When managing your rentals, it's important to do frequent inspections whether you're turning over for a new tenant or simply walking through to ensure your property is being maintained well. Below we'll walk through the key items that we'd recommend on the landlord inspection checklist for your rental.

Landlord inspection checklist

Of course each rental will vary in terms of the exact items that need to be checked, but in general splitting things out by room and running through the following items should provide you with a good start.


Living room



Seasonal (winter / summer)

If your rental property goes through seasons, particularly cold winters, you'll likely want to add the following items to your landlord checklist:



You'll want to note the date checked and condition for each of these items and obtain the tenant's signature so you can compare against future check-ins.

Frequency of check-ins

There will be variability around how often you want to check-in on the property, but in general ensuring you check in at least every 6 months or so is a good start. You should do a quick run through of the items above and look to see if the condition of anything has changed since your last check-in. By thoroughly looking through the property on a regular basis you'll reduce the risk of serious damage, saving you time and money in the long run.